Who We Are

A CARING PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER OF NORTHEAST COLORADO is a 501(c)3 non-profit, faith-based organization offering non-judgmental, no-cost, confidential, and individualized services throughout northeast Colorado including: pregnancy test, pregnancy confirmation through limited ultrasound, options counseling, adoption and community referrals for a network of care and support, infant clothing and items, parenting classes, budgeting help, and emotional support throughout pregnancy and as long as a woman and family need us. Anyone may access our services simply by contacting us. We serve anyone regardless of race, nationality, religion, income, insurance, health, or disability.


Locations in Brush, Holyoke, Sterling, and Yuma serve women through walk-in hours and by appointment. The mobile medical vehicle travels throughout Northeast Colorado providing  ultrasound, free pregnancy test, or options consultation.


A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center of Northeast Colorado also offers communities and public schools no-cost presentations regarding pregnancy and sexuality focusing on fetal development and sexual integrity for optimal health. Trained educators present to students how they can develop lifelong healthy relationships, identify unhealthy relationships, and prevent risky behaviors that can lead to partner violence, sexual assault, bullying, addiction, and early pregnancy.


While A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center offers information on the procedures and risks of abortion, and provides all options to a woman experiencing challenges while pregnant, we do not provide or refer for ending the life of a child through abortion. We do provide healing, non-clinical support groups for family members of any age grieving the loss of a child through elective abortion.


As an affiliate of Care Net, Heartbeat International, and National Institute of Family Life Advocates (NIFLA), A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center of Northeast Colorado is a reputable organization led by a Board of Directors and staffed by a full time Executive Director with supporting part time staff and trained volunteers throughout the six counties of Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma counties.


All services are free and paid by the generosity of individuals, businesses, partnering organizations, Morgan County Commissioners, United Way of Morgan County, and more than one hundred partnering churches in Northeast Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. With only a hand full of paid staff, each location is staffed by trained individuals who volunteer their time.


A CARING PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER OF NORTHEAST COLORADO began with a small group of individuals from northeast rural Colorado meeting from 1996 to 1999 in Sterling, Colorado to talk and pray about how to address the abortion issue in Northeast Colorado. “A Caring Crisis Pregnancy Center” resulted, registering as a nonprofit corporation with the State of Colorado on April 13, 1999, and receiving its federal non-profit 501 (c) 3 status June 29, 2001.

Brush Location

In 2000, renovations began on a small house near downtown Brush, Colorado, to serve as a physical location of the Pregnancy Center that would open in 2001, made possible by a donation of rent from Don and Carol Heer, the local mortician and owners of the home. The in-kind donation of rent has continued to-date, with the home being remodeled again fourteen years later, in fall 2015.

The Brush Pregnancy Center would become the hub of Pregnancy Center work covering 6 ½ counties in northeast Colorado, with some of the work extending as far as Nebraska and Kansas. The first Director was a part-time volunteer who drove between towns and along the more than eight thousand square miles to meet with women too far from the center or without transportation, a tradition that continues, making the slogan, “We bring hope to you!” a reality. The first full-time Director, Jan Loesch, was hired in 2003 and served until 2013.

Holyoke Location

In 2008, seventy-five community members in Holyoke, Colorado donated furniture, time and resources to convert two rooms in the old hospital building owned by Dr. Brandt, the local chiropractor, for a second physical location of the Pregnancy Center. One hour and twenty-eight minutes from the Brush location, Holyoke provided closer access to the several counties served in the far northeast areas of rural Colorado. The Pregnancy Center also added a part time office assistant and began presentations in schools.

In 2010, the Pregnancy Center began partnering with the United Way of Morgan County in fundraising efforts and receipt of designated funds, and began receiving an annual award from Morgan County Commissioners for services rendered to TANF-eligible families and to help prevent, and reduce, poverty in Morgan County. 

In 2013, Mrs. Loesch retired, and Matt Ross, who served on the Board of Directors at the time, was hired as Director. In 2014, Mr. Ross presented in Brush Middle School, Brush High School, and Holyoke Middle School. Walk-in hours and the part time staff position were eliminated. While discussions of adding a mobile medical unit were taking place, discussions were also to close the Holyoke and Brush locations and possibly consolidate in Yuma.

In 2015, Mr. Ross stepped down as Director, and with contingency funds to finish the year, the Board of Directors—consisting of Greg Furman, Don and Linda Smith, and Claudia Strait—contacted Mrs. Faye Barnhart for the fulltime position. When asked if she could increase funds, she replied, “We will do things right, and we will do things well, and it will be up to God to bring the increase.” On her first day, July 23, 2015, there were a handful of active volunteers, including the Board of Directors, the bookkeeper, one advocate, and one after-abortion-care facilitator.

Renovations began on the Brush facility immediately, along with recruiting and training volunteers, adding walk-in hours, networking with pastors and local agencies, and communicating with ministry partners and the public. Xcel Energy provided a $500 grant and a work day for community members to help clean up the yard, repair doors, and paint the exterior steps of the building. Volunteers drove from as far as Holyoke to help organize closets, replace a sink, and make curtains at the Brush location. Snyder Bible Church members donated a sander, pulled wall paper, painted, and refinished the floors. The Executive Director traveled to Knights of Columbus in various communities, including Roggen, Akron, and Fort Morgan where funds were raised to help save the lives of preborn babies.

In 2015, the Pregnancy Center helped 41 women, six adults accepted Christ as their Savior, and one abortion-minded woman chose to carry to birth. In 2015, the Pregnancy Center maintained 700 ministry partners with an annual income of $59,954. Through a collaboration with the Center for Relationship Education, the first volunteer school presenters were trained and certified to present the curriculum, REAL Essentials.

In January 2016, the Lord provided a former abortionist to speak free-of-charge for the annual banquet. Decorations and publicity were consolidated for the three banquet locations of Holyoke, Yuma, and Brush. The Brush banquet grew from less than 50 participants to 150 reservations, of which 70 braved the unplowed roads when the banquet was postponed for a day due to a blizzard. During the banquet in Holyoke, Ellie Beal was recognized for her long-standing volunteerism of twenty years. The speaker, Dr. Frederick Brown, MD, came for an encore presentation in Sterling that summer.

Sterling Location

In 2016, a third physical location was added through the donation of six months of rent for space on Main Street in Sterling, Colorado. This location served as a more centralized location in a higher populated area just minutes from Northeastern Junior College. A fourth location was also added through donated shared office space with Board member, Don Smith, in the Quintech Center in Yuma. Walk-in hours were added in Yuma in September.

In 2016, a volunteer base of 51 individuals shared advocacy services and after abortion care Bible studies, presented in classrooms, and provided office support. In August 2016, a part time office assistant was hired 10 hours per week. Additional funds were raised through the expansion of the Baby Bottle Campaign—promoted to additional churches in the area to run between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. In 2016, 49 women were served during 183 client visits, two adults accepted Christ as their Savior, and five abortion-minded women chose to carry. The number of ministry partners grew to 950 with an annual income of $76,998. Forty-nine churches partnered in ministry. And presentations were given in four schools using the REAL Essentials curriculum.

In 2017, finalist from the reality television show, The Voice, Biff Gore presented a concert for the three banquets in January and the second annual summer banquet in Sterling. A Pot Luck and On-Going Training (PLOT) was added every-other-month for volunteers, along with weekly volunteer email updates, and a Volunteer Christmas Party. An abandoned garage was converted for accepting donations; a visiting missionary installed hard wood shelves using wood from a home being torn down for a church parking lot in Snyder, and Mr. Barnhart added a wall with insulation to keep snow out. Sixty-two women were served through 216 client visits. Four adults accepted Christ as their Savior. Two abortion-minded women chose to carry. Staff and volunteers presented in six schools. The number of partnering households rose to 1,200 with a total annual income of $128,553.

In 2018, through the generosity of churches, individuals, and the Knights of Columbus, the Pregnancy Center designed and purchased a mobile medical vehicle to house limited ultrasound. During the three nights of the banquet, enough funds were pledged to purchase the vehicle. Mrs. Marilyn Musgrave of the Susan B. Anthony Foundation donated her time to speak at each of three banquet venues in January and again in Sterling in the summer. Through conversations with Northeastern Junior College, a location was added on the NJC campus, and renovations were completed at the Brush location, including the addition of interior doors on the restroom and advocacy room.

A federal Title V grant was awarded for Sexual Risk Avoidance Education in the public classroom for the 2018/2019 school year. This award was based on the medical accuracy, inclusivity, and ability of the Pregnancy Center to deliver quality presentations, including the REAL Essentials curriculum and materials developed by the Executive Director. The grant provided the salary of an additional staff member, training additional volunteers, and the purchase of additional supplies. In 2018, the Pregnancy Center served 85 women and presented in 16 schools. The number of partners increased to 1,705 with an annual income of $287,726, approximately half of that going toward the medical vehicle. The number of weekly volunteers increased to 74.

January 2019 was predicted, and delivered, the largest banquet attendance in the history of the Pregnancy Center with four consecutive evenings in Sterling, Holyoke, Yuma, and Brush and more than a thousand attendees. Displaying the medical vehicle and international speaker, presidential advisor and abortion survivor, Dr. Ron Archer, venues in Sterling, Brush, and Yuma filled to capacity. Additional staff positions were added in January: a student services coordinator and nurse manager. Medical Director, Dr. Julia Trevino Emerson, donated her time to oversee the conversion and launch as a medical clinic in 2019.

Yuma Location

In 2019, the Yuma location moved to a larger, independent office space in Quintech. The number of volunteers grew to 96, the number of participating churches to 135, and number of partners to 1,950, providing a total annual income of $197,985. Eighty-four women were served, and 20 babies were saved from abortion. Five adults trusted Christ as their Savior and rededicated their life to Christ. With the change in Colorado law in May 2019 concerning federal Title V recipients, the Pregnancy Center rejected the remaining grant during the summer of 2019 in favor of continuing in the classroom. In 2019, staff and volunteers presented in 21 schools. By fall 2019, teams of volunteers were formed based on their nearest Pregnancy Center locations, and Site Directors were appointed over each location.

In 2020, volunteering doctors created a Medical Advisory Board and solicited a new project of referring patients in Sterling. To accommodate the increased number of moms served, the Sterling location moved to a larger space within the building rented on Main Street, and services to NJC were consolidated to the Main Street location. Assistant Directors were added to help the Site Directors. Through Zoom volunteer meetings and limited walk-in hours for moms, the Pregnancy Center remained open throughout the Covid crisis. The Board of Directors celebrated Mrs. Barnhart’s five-year anniversary in July 2020.

The Board of Directors continue to seek God’s wisdom and direction, as we provide hope for women in difficult circumstances so that they and their children might live.